Top 10 Best Free Android Games For 2017


It is no news anymore that the android phone has taken over the world of mobile communication. It is the most used phone in this part of the world and it has been generally accepted by the majority of the populace due to its versatility, ease of usage and longevity. It is also not to be put behind when it comes to providing good entertainment in terms of highly engaging 3D games application. Most users now use their android phones as an alternative to the usual games console that we were used to in times past. In this piece, we are going to be discussing the best android games so far that have captured the heart of the teeming populace.

Angry birds is just one android game that has made me marvel at the rate at which it is been played among android users. You will be surprised to know that the phone got nothing less than 2 million downloads during its first week of launching. The game is free, though it comes with some frustrating adverts. What amuses me most about this game is the funny cry of the Angry birds. It just keeps me coming back for more rounds and most especially when I don’t get to hit my target.

Star wars is just that game that gets you frenzied up. The action and thrills just keep you glued to the phone. In the game, the galaxy is in chaos and so require the Valour of a hero to fight against the empire. And one interesting about the game is you can create your own character and as well play with opponents through enabled inter-connectivity devices among phones.

3. FIFA 16
Back in those days, FIFA series of games were only limited to the PC and consoles, but now it is a different ball game as you can engage in a full footballing action right on your android phone. It is quite awesome with great 3D footballing experience that you get addicted so easily if you are the football fanatic. It is free to purchase, but within built app purchases.

When two of the best android games on the planets are merged into one. Then you know you are in for the blast. In 2012, the makers of Angry birds acquired the right to mix the game with Star Wars Characters with the usage of star wars weapons to destroy the scenery coupled with the projectile action of angry birds, you are just in for the best.

This game I must say is one of the most difficult word games to play as it was actually designed for the masters. Even the lowest level of the game is quite a hard nut to crack for the average user. Although this is quite responsible for the endearing activity a lot of users have with the game. The challenge is to be a word master and you are presented with the toughest words you will ever come across in your lifetime.

As the name implies, this particular android game is quite unlimited in what it has to offer. From the popular action figure, Spider Man, this game will get you addicted from just one play. You will have to recruit an army of heroes and take on the Villain, the Sinister-Six. The action themed arcade will get you captivated for hours.

Monopoly has been a vintage game from the time being. It is a game of the elite and quite popular among the money-minded individuals. The gaming experience on android is not much different from that of the paper version. The original version is not free though, but you will get some lesser designed application on play store for free.

Jewels is that android games that will bring out the colour and glamour in you. You will need to merge similar jewels together which then disappears. Though there are a lot of the game’s variants but this particular one will just get your attention due to its classic colourful design.

Temple Run is that one game that will set you inth mood to run for your life. With its 3D designed forest scene and the Might Kong in pursuit, you will be awakened for action from the start of the game till when you are captured.

This is one game that will teach you to be a bad driver. It simply bothers on the fact that you have to get your passengers to their destination in no time, irrespective of how you get that done. It rewards you insane driving, which is where the bulk of the fun is.

Candy crush, Sudoku, Scrabble, Despicable Me, Dr. Driving, Danger Dash, and lots more.

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