Top 3 Reasons Not To Buy A Tecno Android Smartphone

Tecno android phones may be one of the most popular mobile phones in Nigeria because of its ridiculously low price. Millions of units have been sold in Nigeria alone, but they are not the best brand for you ,so I will be enlightening you on why you should not use techno android phones.

Currently, tecno android phones lack OTA and are not able to upgrade the inbuilt operating system to a better one.

If something goes wrong with the current Operating system, Tecno cannot fix it for its buyers because it can’t deploy OTA fix updates.

If you are using Android 4.1 Jellybean, it is not advisable to get version 4.2 or 5.0 also known as Key Lime Pie. For people who are always rooting, flashing or tweaking their android phones, the risk of bricking their device and paying Tecno to fix it is very high.

NOTE== Rooting an android phone dissolves your warranty with that manufacturer.

An android phone should have a durable battery that is capable of multitasking, it is unfortunate that a techno android battery does not possess these qualities. If you are a phone addict that cannot endure not playing games, browsing, or doing other things on your phone then this phone is definitely not for you

If you are familiar with techno mobile phones, you should know that almost all their new phones look alike with little or no differences. They  just change the name and very few thins in it, so why buy a new techno android phone?

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