How to Change Samsung IMEI to Blackberry IMEI

Download Change Samsung IMEI Number Changer Software Tool

Samsung mobile phone imei number change software
It is now very easy to how change samsung android imei to blackberry imei without root through a simple guide. Using the method explained here, I wrote a new IMEI on Samsung android mobile devices like the Grands and some of the Samsung Access.

Before this new method was discovered, you should understand that when you change the IMEI of Samsung android, it is is illegal and not safe. It causes NULL IMEI i.e the Samsung device will not be able to connect to the mobile network.

Appreciation goes to XDA Developers.

IMEI changing is illegal practice in a few countries, this is just a guide, using it is your decision.

Important things needed to Change your Samsung Android IMEI without PC

1. ROOT Access: Make sure your mobile device is rooted to change the IMEI number using the steps explained here.

2. Xposed installer: Download Xposed Installer here.

3. IMEI Changer: Download Samsung IMEI changer from the Google Play Store here

Tutorial for Changing your Samsung Android IMEI

Samsung imei number change software free download
1. Download and Install Xpose installer on your Samsung phone and run it.

2. Select Framework, then also select update or install in some cases.

3. Reboot your device.

4. Install your IMEI changer.

5- Open the xposed Installer and then select modules. From the list, click IMEI code changer then, and then select the IMEI Changer from within the Xposed Installer app to lunch your IMEI changer on your samsung android device.

7. You then have to generate your blackberry IMEI no and type it in the space, then click apply.

8. Boot your mobile device again and simply dial *#06# to confirm.

NOTE: It is advisable to have custom recovery flashed on the device before applying this method as it bricks some android devices.


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