Easily Change Android IMEI Without Rooting

Hhow to Change Android IMEI to Blackberry Without Rooting

What does IMEI represent? IMEI is an acronym that stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity. In this post, I'll be sharing with you how to easily change your Android IMEI to Blackberry IMEI.
Change Android IMEI Without Rooting

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Changing Android IMEI to IMEI for Blackberry is easy if you follow these steps.

How to change android imei to blackberry using mobile uncle
==> Click here to download Mobileuncle Tools
==> Run the application to install it
==> Open it and select ‘Engineer Mode’ then ‘Engineer Mode (MTK)’
==> Look for the ‘Connectivity as the Option Menu' by scrolling from right to left
==> Choose ‘CDS Information’ and then ‘Radio Information’
==> Choose the SIM card you want to change its IMEI number (Phone 1 represents Sim 1 and Phone 2 stands for Sim 2)
==> On most MTK, SIM 1 is the default and it is set to 3G enabled
==> Select ‘Phone 1’
==> When you see AT+, Type in ‘EGMR=1,7”Your 15 digit BB IMEI’
==> After choosing that click ‘SEND AT COMMAND”
==> The next notification message you will see is AT command is Msend

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This procedure of Changing Android IMEI to Blackberry IMEI can be used for up to five android devices per BB IMEI number

Supported Devices: Gionee, Tecno, Infinix, InnJoo, HTC Phone.

Download Blackberry IMEI generator to start generating thousands of working Blackberry IMEI to Android IMEI yourself.

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Another IMEI changer app I came across on Google PlayStore is called XPOSED IMEI Changer. This App can easily be used for changing your Android IMEI without rooting or downloading ‘Mobileuncle Tools’.

For you to enjoy BIS data plans on Android phones, you will have to root the android device. Although a lot of people try to avoid rooting, it is not as difficult or complex as most of them think.

In my subsequent posts, I will be taking through a tutorial on the safest way to Root your device without System(PC) and step by step guide on how to Root without any problem. What I like about this method is that you can UNROOT your device anytime.

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