Get UK Number In Nigeria: USA Number in Nigeria Free

How to Get UK Phone Number For Free in 10 Minutes

Convert Nigerian number to us number
Getting a free UK number in Nigeria does not have to come with much stress. Information comes with power and you can never develop more than the knowledge available within your reach.

Get a free UK number that rings on your phone in Nigeria
Do you know how to get US number in Nigeria? The essence of this post is to show you how to get UK and US phone number from Nigeria within 10 minutes. This method is free and can be used anywhere in the world. You can make calls with this foreign number, receive calls on it and even send SMS using this UK or US number. I sent a text message on my Nigerian SIM card and was charged only N8.

It is important for you to know that this knowledge is for educative purpose alone. Just follow the steps below with rapt attention.

USA Phone Number in Nigeria: How Do I Get UK & US Numbers For Free?

Free UK Number

With this powerful app, Nextplus that offers a full phone service into an app. These are the features you can enjoy with this software for free.

- Set up a free virtual phone number to use UK number in Nigeria
- Enjoy free incoming and outgoing voice calls to any number
- Send and receive SMS to any phone number free
- App is free to use, no contract term, commitment, phone purchase or hidden charge
- Nextplus works on all of your Android devices (phones and tablets)
- You don't need to subscribe to any cellular service
- Beautiful social features

Nextplus is not only about meeting new people, checking who among your friend is online, your SMS is delivered in seconds. This app can be used to verify sites that are not supported in your country.

This free uk number app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

How To Download NextPlus

If you use an android device, click here to download
If you use an iOS device, click here to download

Download, install and register the app to get started.

After following these steps to have a UK number in Nigeria, phone numbers in USA‎, drop your UK number in the comment box below. Welcome to United Kingdom from Nigeria.

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