Blackberry PIN Exchange: Get International BB PIN, Swap And Share BBM PINs 2016

Swap BBM PIN Share 2016: Best Way And Apps To Find BBM Friends Online

Blackberry Pin Exchange is a way to secure lots of friends on BBM through sharing of BBM Pins between local and international friends. Are you looking for how to add contacts and connect with different guys and girls on Blackberry Messenger?
Exchange BB Pins
This is why I compiled this post. Via BBM, you can get many friends in your country and also abroad. Some people share famous BBM pins to catch fun, others do it to show off the number of contacts on their list while some do exchange blackberry pins to facilitate interactions for the sake of business or education.

Whatever your reason for BBM pin exchange, there are several PIN sharing sites and apps that you can use to add up people you know and those you don't know. Finding leaked celebrity bbm pins and other random pins can be achieved using some of these international bbm pin sharing sites. You don't have to waste time on a bbm pin exchange site that does not work, I have tried most of them and these are the ones I recommend.

USA Blackberry PIN Share: Canada BBM PIN Exchange: South Africa BB Pin Swap: Share Naija BB Pins, UK Pins, India, Delhi, Capetown 2015-2016

To get random south african bbm pins and those of other countries, there are four applications which have international coverage and I am going to discuss these bbm pin exchange sites in the post below. If you are looking for a naija blackberry pin exchange, you should try NaijaPings. This nigeria blackberry pin exchange app works very smooth and provides a feature to filter BBM users using their location. NaijaPings is an application that is mostly used for sharing BB PINs in Nigeria. It is reputed to be one of the best 9ja blackberry pin exchange apps to get BBM contacts of customers, guy, babes and celebrities in Nigeria.

BB PIN SWAP: International BBM PIN Exchange Sites And Apps For Sharing Blackberry PINs

For most usa bb pin exchange, for instance, getting Texas or California BBM pins, you can make use of these applications as they are free.


PinShare is one of the best bb pin sharing app that is developed to allow downloaders search for and connect with millions of people from other countries. Using this app, you can check out several profiles and send messages to those you may be interested in without revealing your BBM identity via your PIN. Immediately you are connected with another PinShare user, you can chat via BBM inbox directly. International BBM pin share is very easy with Pinshare, all you need do is download and install this app.

Download PINShare for BBM


Another bbm pin exchange app for teenagers and adults specially developed for Nigerians is NaijaPings. This app allows you to swap bb pins in order to meet more Nigerians out there. Using certain criteria such as age location, religion and sex, you can search for BBM friends and filter them accordingly. Another interesting feature of NaijaPings is that you can get interesting international and local news right inside the application. Immediately you add someone on NaijaPings, they are instantly connected to your BBM list where you can then initiate a chat.

Download NaijaPings

3. Pinbook

Another free blackberry messenger pin share application is PinBook. On Pinbook, you can search for new friends using several filter criteria. To get BBM pins free of charge, head over to blackberry appworld and download it. You will need to install and connect the application to your Black berry messenger application after download. The next step is to set up a custom profile and input basic info so that other Pinbook users can get to know about you. Another thing to know is that Pinbook only works on BB Smartphones with OS 5.0 and up.

Download Pinbook


Smoothie is another cool bbm sharing app where you can create profiles equipped with display picture and a username. Smoothie works with BBM to get new friends for your contact. It also comes with a feature to add people that you come across in the app to your Blackberry Messenger. Using filter criteria such as interests, gender and location; you can always meet new friends daily by joining several conversations going on in your Smoothie app.

Download Smoothie

Another way to get BBM friends online without downloading any app is to connect with our BBM community on your android and iphone cell phones.

Name -
Gender -
Pin -
Location -

Here is a sample - Segun, Male, 2AD70E24, Ibadan, Nigeria!

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