Etisalat 0.00 Cheat Code: SOCIALME & Chat Pack Working on PSIPHON Settings

Latest Free Browsing Trick: Etisalat Psiphon Settings Still Working For Facebook SocialMe Cheats

Psiphon handler settings for Etisalat Unlimited Free Browsing
Etisalat socialme chat pack and 0.00 cheat is what I use to power unlimited browsing, streaming of youtube videos and downloading of heavy files like seasonal movies, PC software and games. Using Psiphon VPN app, do you know on a daily and weekly basis, I also watch live football matches free, at not cost courtesy of this etisalat free browsing using psiphon.

These days, I just browse in freedom not concerned about how much data I have consumed and when the data plan will finish. My android phone and PC are always online and connected because I'm not bother about the amount of gigabytes I use up in a day. Thanks to this phisphon on etisalat cheat.

Etisalat 0.00 cheat for free browsing - how to use etisalat with phisphon
Periodically, I roll out working free browsing cheats including this new etisalat 0.0k cheat on different networks in Nigeria which is published and made available on this blog for every blog visitor and my loyal subscribers. After the tweak i use for affordable browsing stopped, I searched and searched for a quick fix for my psiphon handler etisalat including a fast new working IP address that ended up failing. At last I got a simple etisalat psiphon tweak for those that do not want to spend much money on data for browsing. To browse free on Etisalat, use Etisalat N500 monthly social me plan to get unlimited access to a world of unlimited free browsing

After several tweaking attempts, i finally restored my Psiphon to start browsing on Etisalat. I took me almost 7 hrs in finding new methods to force my Psiphon to start working again.


Is your etisalat psiphon not connecting? To fix Psiphon not working issues, follow the steps below to fix psiphon stopped working problems:

How to Configure Psiphon Handler for Etisalat

Open Psiphon Pro Lite app, and input the following settings as this is a fast psiphon not connecting solution

Tick remove port

Proxy Type:     Reverse Proxy
Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Type:    Inject
Real Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Port:      3128

After entering the settings above, now click on
Turnel whole device

But that's not all for psiphon not working issues

Got to options
Select Region:   United States
Click on More Option

Tick connect through an HTTP
Tick use the following settings
Host Address:
Port:         3128

Navigate back and the click on CONNECT

Use the default APN for etisalat which is: etisalat

Another thing i discovered is that after activating this cheat settings, it take longer period of time for the connection to be established on etisalat social me cheat 2016. I could not believe my eyes that it was now taking me more that five minutes to connect to the internet.

Psiphon Etisalat Configuration Settings for Free Browsing on PC and Android Etisalat Psiphon Handler Cheat

NB: The etisalat 0.00k tweak above no longer works on etisalat socialme and chat pack package. If you notice that your 0.00 cheat settings no longer blaze like before, make this adjustment. Change your FBT proxy server from and edit it to

As at this evening when I'm posting this tweak, Etisalat 0.00 free browsing cheat code is still working with the above settings.

Enjoy the latest Etisalat 0.00 cheat still working freeeee!

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