Tecno SmartWatch and Gionee Android Smart Watch Price Updates

Gionee And Tecno Smart Watch On Jumia And In Slot Nigeria

Tecno smart watches are the new favourite brand of wrist watches considering the fact that virtually everything is going Android. This will this post is created to look into the best producers of smart watches that run the Android operating system. In previous posts, I have highlighted the many features of the popular Samsung Galaxy smart watch and the Burge 17 Smartwatch. I will be sharing with you features and price of Gionee and Tecno smartwatches.

Over the years, I actually thought digital watches would end up replacing analogue watches but this has not been made possible. All in all, I'm happy there are several brands of android watches that have gained relevance in the market today. The only downside about these Android smartwatches is the price!

In Europe and many developing African countries, not everyone has the means to shell out almost N60,000 for a wristwatch especially one that doesn't come with gold plating.

Tecno SmartWatches

One awesome thing about chinese electronics is that it seek to exploit the problems surrounding western products. These chinese manufacturers would rather maximize cheap manpower and produce electronics that come with many features but which are not a threat to the pocket. For instance, Gionee's Dream D1 was launched to combat the market domination of Galaxy s3, while Tecno launched N3 to match Samsung's Galaxy Duo.

The truth is, a lot of people want to use smartwatches but cannot afford these awesome products. There are indications that Tecno and Gionee have plans in the pipeline to launch a N8,000 techno smart watch which comes with the features that Samsung and other high end watches possess. The big question is how soon will this happen?

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