Best SmartWatch To Buy Under 50, 100, 5000, 10000 - 2017

WHICH SMART WATCHES TO BUY TODAY? Best Smartwatch to Buy Now 2016-2017

As 2017 has arrived, you should think of gifting your loved ones something small, unique but expensive product; something that goes perfectly with technology and is combined greatly with the designer impact. Here one is not discussing about iPhones, they have become just a phone; the latest technological greatness that one can avail is by having a Sony, a Samsung, a Tecno or Gionee smart watch.

With a smart watch in handy, you can move around easily without the hassles of taking out your mobile devices every time it is buzzing. As these smart watches are connected via Bluetooth, you can use a smart watch to keep a tab on all the things happening around you; and yes, it even works as a watch.

What kind of smart watch you should take

Choosing which smartwatch to buy in India
With different brands to select from, you should first decide the purpose for which you can take good utilization of these Smart Watches. There are lots of smartwatches under $100, it depends on what you want the watch for.

Smart Sport Watches

If you are looking for a personal trainer, yet are unable to hit the gym, you can employ the uses of a smart sport watch. With this Smart Watch sitting on your wrist, you can participate in different activities of sport and avail information about your health with ease. If you are on a jogging streak, then the distance covered, calories burned and heart rate can be monitored easily with use of this smart watch. While looking for such devices, you can go for HTC Grip or the Leap+ from Acer, which are loaded with functions that you will surely love.
Smart Business Watch
People looking for some advanced level of technology while they keep themselves busy in enhancing their business empire can go for the smart business watches coming from the brands like LG, Pebble, Apple, Samsung, and Huawei. With functions like GPS and Wi-Fi, you can easily stay connected while on the move. With the ability to be connected with a smartphone, tablet and even desktop system along with laptops, this wearable technology will give users the ease of checking mails, click pictures, move to a destination and access varieties of apps that can come I handy.

Things that you should check before finalizing a smart watch

With market flooding with various brands of smart watches, you need to be careful before selecting them, as counterfeit products are also available. Below listed are some points that you should keep in mind.

Check the compatibility with your Smartphone. 
A durable battery should be the main concern for your smart watch, as you will not like to have something that is draining power very fast. 
Check the features that the smart watch is having so that you can have access to the one that you like the most. 
Check out the design. As it is a smart watch, it should be stylish and fashionable. 
Always get the product from a registered brand store so that you can get the original product for use.

The future of the wearable technology

Even though these devices were introduced in the year 2013, evolution has been seen and a continuous effort is being made by the manufacturers to give something different to the consumers in form of smart watches, which they can cherish and showoff with style.

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