How to Remove Badoo Profile From Google Search Results

Delete Badoo Profile From Google Search

Badoo is of the best social media app. The site has well over 220 million users registered with it. Badoo indexed profile information like other social networking sites such that if your search from your Badoo name on Google, your profile comes up for the whole world to see.

For people who enjoy attention or companies seeking to promote their brand, this is a beneficial feature. But the truth is not everybody wants their information displayed online publicly in search engine results.
Delete Badoo Profile From Google Search
How to remove my badoo profile from Google 
One of the major differences between Badoo and other social networks like Facebook and Twitter is that a lot of your private details including age and pictures can be accessible by other users. Only users who go premium by making a token payment are empowered to take 100% control of privacy issues. These sum up the reason why a lot of people are interested in disabling search indexing for their profile on Badoo. If you use Badoo on PC, you will discover that in a bid to discourage people from using this feature, Badoo does not make the link to hide your profile from Google search results page readily accessible.

Are you using Badoo on PC and you want to know how to remove badoo profile from google search? Login into your account via a computer move the cursor towards the dropdown icon close your display picture, a dropdown box appears, click on Settings. The trick is to make Badoo think you are trying to delete your profile. So from the list of link displayed, choose 'delete my profile' option. Badoo will try to persuade you not to delete your profile so it will provide a range of options. One of such is 'Get removed from Google' and hide profile from search engine results. Choosing this will disable Badoo search engine indexing but it doesn't affect the way you meet and connect with other Badoo users.

Do you want to know How to make sure your profile on Badoo is hidden from Google Search while using an app? On your Badoo Mobile application for android phone, blackberry, windows phone or tablet, click on your profile name. This will prompt a box to pop up, choose the 'Settings' option and the navigate to 'Privacy' and the switch off the feature 'Enable Public Search'. That's all your profile will no longer appear in search results on Google.

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