Airtel Unlimited Browsing Free Cheat Code For Android, Mobile and PC

How To Browse and Download Unlimited On Airtel Using This Working Free Trick

Airtel Unlimited Data Bundle Subscription and Activation Code
Have you heard of this latest browsing and downloading trick on Airtel? This working fbt code has been on for the past few weeks now and is as a result of the response of Airtel network to the agitation of millions of subscribers on their network looking for the cheapest way to browser the internet unlimited without the fear of their data being exhausted.

Airtel internet services may experience some issues at one point or the other but it would be unfair if we don't give it to them that their data services have improved noticeably in certain parts of the country.
Airtel internet data plan unlimited
Airtel network has an unlimited data plan that can be tweaked for browsing. The main reason behind this post is to show you how to get this unlimited bundle plan for your browsing and downloading needs especially for those who want to download heavy files running into tens of Gigabytes on full movies, PC software and games.

The issue is that I don't if all Airtel Sims are eligible yet. The code works on all the Airtel line that I have tried it on. To know if this subscription code will work on your sim, try it without airtime, if it is going to work, you will be notified that you do not have sufficient credit to activate the unlimited data plan.

What is the good thing about this Airtel unlimited data plan?

  • There is no need for tweaking this data plan before it works on PC and mobile phones
  • This unlimited plan works on all devices ranging for java to android to windows phone, iphones as well as on PC
  • You will be given a bonus free data every time you recharge your line

How Do I Subscribe For Airtel Unlimited Bundle?

  • On your airtel line, type this code: *141*4*3# and press the send button
  • Choose your desire plan from the list of options that come up
  • Connect to the internet and start blazing really hard
Friends, that's all to know about how to subscribe for the latest Airtel unlimited data plan. Do you find this helpful, why don't you share?

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