How To Unlock A Android Phone Password Or Pattern Lock Easily

How to Format or Unlock a Password/Pattern Locked Android Phone In Minutes

Unlocking a locked Android device pattern or password is easy because the interface of this OS is user-friendly, not forgeting that it is one of the most popular operating systems among geeks, gamers and mobile gadget lovers. One common issue that Android users battle with is how to disable or unlock android phone pattern lock or phone password without Gmail whenever a user forgets what he uses to secure his or her device.

This post focuses on how you can disable pattern lock for android without internet as nobody is beyond making mistakes and so you may happen to forget the passkey or pattern lock you use to guard your android phone. I will be sharing with you easy strategies to unlock any locked android gadget that you cannot access due to the password or pattern lock feature.
This tutorial to unlock password lock on android if forgotten comes in few simple steps because I ensure my guide is always easy to comprehend for even the newbies out there. But if you still find it difficult unlocking that locked Android after too many pattern attempts, drop a comment below using the comment box.

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What Steps Do I Take to Unlock Android Pattern Lock Or Password?

In order to solve the problem of locked pattern lock or password and recover your android device without a google account, try to follow the instructions I have spelled out below. I'm confident that getting your pattern lock or password of your android device unlocked should be a problem.

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  • Power off your android phone
  • After switching off your device, press down the volume increase button
  • Now press down the power button too together with the volume increase button
  • This will launch a secret terminal interface
  • The next step is to press to use home button for scroll up and down.
  • What  you will see next is this option: DELETE ALL USER DATA.
  • Choose this last option and then wait
  • It will take a while for your android to respond after which it will reboot itself
  • You will discover after the restart that your device is now fully unlocked
  • Just follow these steps to successfully unlock your android device.
These unlock method will easily assist in unlocking any android phone that has been lock down by password code or even the popular pattern lock without internet connection but it is not without factory reset i.e. without losing data. The only downside is that using this method will wipe your phone thereby making you lose your contact and any file present on your device. Your phone will be re-formatted to the default settings and state. I believe you found it interesting learning how to unlock Android Pattern lock and password easily.

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