How to Bypass The Unlimited Etisalat Social Pack Throttling

Ways to Bypass The Unlimited Etisalat Social Pack Throttling To Increase Your Browsing Speed

A lot of people are currently making use of the social me Etisalat Unlimited Plan, but most people are yet to reap the full benefits of this plan. I will write on some of the major difficulties that people face when they use SAS, TweakWare or Psiphon with Etisalat Unlimited Social Pack. How can you be experiencing less than 50kb/s when other people browsing with Psiphon are enjoying over 1MB/s of download speed?

One of the major challenges with Etisalat browsing using the Social plan is how to bypass the speed limit during browsing sessions. For an internet user whose download speed already exceeds 60-70kb/s, you have already bypasses this speed throttling of a thing. All you need is the get a good location where the network reception is high to increase your browsing speed and enjoy high download speed.
So how do I bypass Etisalat Social Pack Download Speed Throtttling without the use of an app? To bypass the speed throttling without using any vpn, you first need to subscribe to Etisalat Social Me plan not the Social chat pack. It is very difficult to successfully bypass speed throttling when using chat pack plan. How do you do this? Just type *200*3*3*2*1*1# and send it, N100 would be removed from your airtime balance.

The next step is to try to download heavy files using UCWeb as this browser comes with a feature to pause and resume downloads. If your download speed is 40kb/s or lower, this signifies that your speed as been throttled.

Here is what to do. Switch off your internet data connection and force close/stop/kill SAS, Psiphon handler or TweakWare app, then switch the data connection on again before now starting any of these apps you used for tunneling.

If you are on PC, all you need do to switch your internet off and on is to disconnect and reconnect your modem.

Please note that this step may have to repeated up to four times in order for the normal speed to be restore. But after this, you will continue to enjoy the normal Etisalat speed without any hitch. So what happens when my browsing and downloading speed is throttled again?
You will get notification sms from Etisalat that reads “you have attain your smart pack limit usage” or something similar. What should do is switch your internet off and then on again to download with higher speed.

Thinking of bypassing etisalat speed throttling with app? Here is an app to help you out. Operamini is a browser that helps minimize your device data consumption rate. It saves lot of data when compared with other browsers out there. Opera Max VPN can save up to 40-50 percent data consumption rate so why don't you try it out?

This VPN compresses webpages thereby saving data. It blocks idle apps from sipping your data, saves your battery life and can be used as a free wifi hotspot manager. Click here to download Opera Max VPN free.

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