Download Simple Server Apk: New Version For Unlimited Browsing

Simple Server Download Apk

Simple Server download comes in various versions. This new version was introduced a few months ago and I decided to share it for benefit of those who have not upgraded the simpleserver app on their phones. The UI is classy and the UX is awesome.

Here are some cool features of this new simple server app for mobile

  • App is now more stable for phones enabled with auto rotation
  • Boring force close messages are now history
  • The application loads and process faster than before
  • The GUI is cool and classy
  • The application now comes with easier navigation, configuration and use
Users of previous version of simple server have had to battle with the issue of the app stopping every 5 minutes but this bug has been resolved in the new version. You are free to ditch those long settings we use to keep the app working for more that 5 mins without crashing.

Download Simple Server today and suck up data like air.

Download Simple Server here

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