How To Use Etisalat BIS on Android For Unlimited Browsing

How to Use Etisalat BIS on Android by Changing IMEI

Most internet data plans prepared for Android phones are very expensive for the average Nigerian student. This is because by the time you calculate the average data we use on a monthly basis and look up the cost, you will discover that most android data plans are not that pocket friendly. This is however different on Blackberry plans which offer BIS at affordable rates and satisfactory volume of data.

This challenge is the brain behind the newly cracked working Etisalat BIS cheat for Android device so that everyone can enjoy affordable browsing experience for now. Please note the Glo BIS still work flawlessly on Android phones when you change the IMEI to that of a blackberry.

How to use Etisalat Blackberry Subscription on Android 2016

To browse with Etisalat BB plan on Android phones, you are required to change your Android IMEI to a blackberry IMEI. Whta many people do is get hold of the IMEI of a BB and tweak the last three digits before using it for their Android. Here is a comprehensive guide on tweaking the IMEI of most android devices. To confirm a successful tweak, just dial *#06#.
Go the the connection settings on your phone and then open the access point setting. Set up a new APN using the settings listed below:

  • Access Point :
  • Proxy server:
  • Proxy Port : 8080

Save the inputted configuration and choose it as your default setting.

Here is the list of code to subscribe to Etisalat complete blackberry plans: 

To activate BBC Daily: just SMS COD to 399 to get 50MB at only N100, alternatively use this USSD code *499*3*2#
To subscribe for BBC Weekly: just SMS COW to 399 to get 500MB at only N500, alternatively dial this USSD code *499*3*1#
To subscribe to BBC Monthly: just SMS COM to get 3GB at only N1000, alternatively you can use this USSD code *499*3*3#

Subscribe to any of these BIS plans and get set to download PSiphon. Download Psiphon apk, install the app and the connect. This app will help power all other apps for your android device although your browser would still work without this VPN app.

To check your Etisalat data plan balance, just dail *228# on your phone.

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