How To Check Airtel Android Data Plan Balance

Code To Check Your Data Bundle Balance For Airtel Android Subscription Plan

So how do I check my data balance on airtel android plan?
A few months ago, Airtel Nigeria launched series of Android data plans adapted for android phones and devices. This came as a great news to many Android users who have been eager to get specific data bundles tailored to data usage on their mobile phones and tablets.

Two most popular airtel data plans that were introduced include the N2000 for 2GB data and N3,500 for 4.5GB bundle both of which have a validity period of a month. The subscription code for the Airtel 2GB android plan is *438# while that for the 4.5GB is *438#.

After activating any of these data plans, there comes a time when you'll need to check the amount of data remaining on these Airtel android plans. What do you do?

How do I check my airtel android data balance?

If you'll like to check your data balance of airtel plan on your android phone, all you need do is to dial a specific USSD code. The code to check android subscription data balance is *223#.

What are some vital things you need to know about these Airtel android plans?

The data plan for android phone on airtel is charged at a rate of 1K per Kb from 9:59PM to 5:59AM and then, 1.5 Kobo per Kilobyte from 5:59AM to 9:59PM daily. If you want to browse using your airtime, you will be charged at rate of 5K/Kb. You can accumulate unused data if you renew your subscription plan before it expires. However, you can't roll over the plan or extend it's validity using this method. Like the popular Airtel BIS plans, these android plans work flawlessly on non-android devices.

For now, this is all you need to know to check the remaining data on your airtel android bundle. Share


Due to the stiff competition among data service providers in the country, Airtel has launched another batch of cheap android plans this month, May 2016.

DATA        VALIDITY       PRICE         USSD CODE 
1.5GB         30 days              N1,000         *496#
3.5GB         30 days              N3,000         *437#
30MB         1 day                  N100            *410#
500MB       14 days              N500            *418#

The USSD code to check airtel data plan balance is still *223#.

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