Get Free 250mb to 2500+mb on Mtn With IMEI Tweak

How To Get Free 250mb to 2.5GB+ By Changing your IMEI

If you observe critically, you will discover that this year witnessed a deluge of free browsing tweaks and free call bonuses from service providers in Nigeria. Whether these loopholes are due to a network glitch or internal doesn't erase the fact that android users now have many ways to browse the internet on their devices at more affordable rates. This to me is a welcomed development as it brings internet access to the reach of more people across the country.

Many of my guys are data sucking gurus and have successful downloaded and uploaded frightening volume of data from the nest of Etisalat, Glo, MTN and Airtel over the past months. I also know of people who are 'faithful' with browsing cheat and who only use them to meet their internet needs without the tendency of abuse. You find many of these categories of people rocking Glo BIS 3GB silently on their android phones.

In this post, I'll be sharing with you how to get data worth of 250MB at no charge right on your MTN sim. Appreciation goes to every IMEI tweaking app developers ranging from Mtk Engineering mode to Terminal emulator to Mobile uncle. IMEI tweaking rocks!

So how do I activate MTN free 250MB data bundle?

If you don't know how to tweak your IMEI, you should start out by reading this post. This is an IMEI tweaking tutorial that I will advise every beginner to study before using browsing cheats that are powered by changing device's IMEI.
  • Slot your MTN sim into a IMEI tweak app enabled phone
  • Start the IMEI changing application and choose phone 1 or 2 based on where your line is located
  • These first nine digits are constant for the Nokia phone you want to clone '867648010'
  • Input these digits, generate random 6 more digits and add it to these nine digits
  • Use this imei validator site to verify the authencity of the developed IMEI
  • You will get a notification that will determine if the IMEI is valid or not
  • Input the IMEI into the imei changing app if it is valid and click the send button
  • The next step is to restart your phone and then send 'Nokia' to 131 in an SMS
  • Your MTN number would then be credited with free 250mb bonus
  • If you tweak to another IMEI, you will by pass the one time daily limited and would be given another 250MB worth of data
  • Repeat this process and keep accumulating volumes and volumes of megabytes

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