How to Know if your Phone is an MTK Device

Steps To Know if your Phone is an MTK Device: Tutorial

Many people want to know how to identify if their phone is an MTK device. Before I start showing you how to know if a phone is an MTK device or not, it is very crucial to define what is meant by an MTK device.

What is MTK?

What do we mean when we say MTK? To better understand this post, MTK means Mediatek which stands for a popular chip manufacturing firm with headquarters in Taiwan. Mediatek produces chips that are used in the OS processing of MTK devices.

These Central Processing Unit (CPU chips) are used in the production of DVDs, HDTVs, cellphones and other wireless telecommunication devices. The Chinese mobile tech is the biggest market for MTK chips, so when you hear MTK device, it means mobile phones that run on MTK chips.

How do I know if my phone is an MTK device?

The essence of this post is to teach you how to detect MTK devices when you come across them. The challenge is that these MTK are inbuilt hardware components so it is simply impossible tell whether the device in your hand is an MTK or not without uncoupling it.

I'll like to inform you that most popular brands of chinese phones are MTK devices. These cell phones range from Gionee, Tecno, Infinix to Innjoo. These methods of detecting if you are holding a MTK device will assist you in distiguishing original android devices from fake or cloned phone. This explains how you can easily differentiate authentic phones from manufacturers like Samsung, LG and HTC from cloned ones produced to imitate the original.

To easily determine whether your device is an MTK device or otherwise, here are a few guidelines;
  • Visit Googleplay store on your device
  • Search for this app and download it: CPU-Z
  • Start the app after you finish installing it
  • Your device and hardware complete information and model would be displayed
  • There are five menus when you launch the app:

SOC (System on Chips)
About menus

The chip and chip model of your device would be displayed on the top part of the screen. You will see this on the SOC menu. To check the hardware component of your device, just navigate to the system menu. Model information for MTK devices begin with Mt while that of Spreadtrum devices begin with SPD or SC.

This simple MTK detection app can be used to detect other chipset types and model information of any brand of android device. For a cloned Samsung phone, when you try using this MTK dectecting app, you will see that its chipsets are MTK. This should immediately alert you that you are holding a cloned device. Original samsung devices come with Samsung self-produced chipsets like Exynos and other American chipsets like Qualcomm, Snapdragon, Nvidia and the rest as opposed to MTK chipset.

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