Calculate The Number of Hours You Spend on Your Phone Daily

How To Calculate How Many Hours You Spend on Your Phone Daily

Do you want to know how many hours you spend on your smartphone everyday? The calculation may be very difficult to make and the results may even be more difficult to believe. For instance, I find it unbelievable that I spend almost 25 days within a year, staring at and pressing my cellphone.

According to a recent study, MobileInsurance discovered that on the average, most phone user spend one and half hour on phone daily which equates to 23 days in a year and then almost 4 years of the average person's lifetime.

The simple question is how much time do you spent daily on your smartphone? I know many people spend a lot of time and this is why doing this calculation is essential. Instead of assuming in an effort at calculating the time you spend daily on your smartphone, why don't you install Quality Time, a mobile app to help you calculate the amount of time you spend daily on your smartphone

QualityTime is a powerful time analyzer android app that is fun and easy to operate. It monitors your activities on a smartphone including the amount of time you spent on each application daily. At a quick glance, the report let you know which of your apps you spend most time on.

Click here to download Quality Time and start analyzing the amount of time you spend on your mobile device. Analyzing time usage on mobile phone is important to planning your schedules and prioritizing. In all sincerity, can you share with us how many hours, weeks and months you spent on your smartphone last year?

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