How to Extract APK from Installed App on Android

How to Extract APK from Installed App on Android


Many people will choose Android over iOs devices because of the ease to install apps remotely without having to go through the app store. Apple company may actually believe such incapacity is necessary to provide maximum security but the truth is we do not usually experience attacks on Windows OS so I do not think they have a point.

Android users circulate useful apps among themselves using file transfer applications like Flashshare and Xender without the need for much internet use. The post will be an eye opener for those who would like to extract installed app apk on their android device. Such apk can then be sent to others for the purpose of installation without the need of passing through Google playstore.


Airdroid is an android app that help you manage your device right from a computer PC. To get apk off an installed app, these are the steps to take:

  • Click here to download Airdroid, then install the app
  • Launch the application and follow the process to set up a local hotspot
  • Connect with the local hotspot from your PC
  • After you join the connection, start up your PC browser
  • Type in the IP address shown on your android phone or tablet
  • Go to the Airdroid browser interface and naviagate to 'Apps'
  • Choose the desire application you wish to extract its apk and click on 'download'

The apk of the selected app will then be downloaded to your PC in .zip (compressed) format

ES File Explorer

Another tool that can be used to extract installed apk on from your device is actually a file manager. To use ES File Explorer to extract android apk, here are the procedures to follow:

  • Click here to download ES File Explorer and the install it
  • After a successful installation, navigate to the Tools -- then to 'App Manager'
  • Choose the app you want to work on and click on 'Backup'
  • ES File Explorer will then extract the apk from your selected app and save them in backup folder on your memory card

Google Playstore 

Extracting an installed apk directly on your phone is easy. The method is different as the apk is not extracted from your android phone but straight from Playstore with the use of an online apk extractor. What this apk extractor software tool does is that it downloads the apk using the url of the app on playstore.

To use this method, ensure you have ad blockers or pop up blockers installed on your PC, then paste the url of the app from playstore into the space provide on the site. The apk file would be extracted and downloaded on your computer.

What other methods do you know to extract apk from an installed app on android? Why don't you share this post to inform others.

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