Removable vs Non Removable Battery For Smartphone: Let's Compare

Compare and Contrast: Mobile Phone Removable vs Non Removable Battery

Have you ever thought about the reason phone manufacturers introduced the idea of non-removable batteries? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both removable and non-removable cell phone batteries? Many cell phone users are already used to having the traditional removal battery that are easily replaced when such power storage unit gets weak or damaged.

Over the past months, I have been able to sample opinions of people around me about their preference for one battery design over the other. While most of the people I spoke with would prefer a removable battery to a non-removable one, others wouldn't mind switching from a non-removable to a removable one and vice versa not minding the pros and cons of each as long as the device specification satisfies them. Removable batteries are easier to replace even by non-geek users although phones with inbuilt battery would definitely be slimmer with sleeker designs.

Another thing I have noticed is the gradual phase out of universal chargers, giving way to power banks. Why? Cell phone manufacturers don't want you tampering with your battery and other internal components. Consequently, most new phone models being introduced into the market now come with inbuilt battery.

Now here is a personal view. I detest phones with inbuilt battery like I really mean it. One major reason I hate this kind of arrangement is you can't just pull out your battery to reset your phone when it hangs. I mean this is weird! You will have to wait for the battery to drain down completely before any restart can be effected. And if you use a phone whose battery can last for up 2 weeks, then my friend you are on your own ooo.

Now let's look at it from another perspective, if your phone accidentally falls into water or a plate of soup, we often yank out the battery and look for a place to air/sun dry the phone. What if the battery is non-removal, this happens on a Friday and the repair shop where you can get help uncoupling your device won't be open until Monday? Now you garrit, I'll rather stick with my removable battery.

Share your experience using removable and non-removable smartphone batteries. Which one do you prefer and why?

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