Tech Device Can Check Malaria Status Within Seconds

This Device That Can Detect Malaria From A Drop of Blood in 5 Seconds

According to WHO, Malaria is one of the most dangerous illness of man killing a large number of people annually especially in the sub-Saharan part of Africa. It is sad to note that this disease is actually preventable and curable but lack of early diagnosis and treatment contribute to the high number of deaths in many cases.

This concern motivated an MIT PhD student to design and develop a tech device called RAM which is the shortened form of Rapid Assessment of Malaria. This device has been proven to be able to detect malaria in a drop of blood within as short as five seconds.

The mechanical device diagnose whether you are malaria positive or negative just from a single drop of blood a week before symptoms commence using a process called Magneto-Optical Detection. Like the popular pregnancy test, the machine analyzes your blood specimen and indicates result either in a positive or negative status.

Apart from the casing and LED screen for displaying necessary information, other components of RAM include magnets, SD card reader, laser and a circuit board. In India, a field test was conducted not too long ago, yielding as high as 92-98 percent accuracy. This has prompted the need to conduct a trial in Nigeria too where as many as 5000 people would be tested for Malaria parasite using the device.

This is a welcomed innovation coming in to Africa, what do you think?

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