How to Set Default Keyboard on Your Android SmartPhone

Setting Your Default Keyboard on Android Phone

Do you know you can actually use different keyboard styles on your cellphone? The Android OS is a flexible one and affords you the luxury of customizing your keyboard using several keyboard apps that you can download and install. Such  downloads would then need to be chosen as your default mode before you can see any change.

Of a truth, there are lots of keyboard apps for android out there but this post will focus on setting Swiftkey keyboard app as the default keyboard on your android. Setting default keyboard on android is necessary to enjoy various options, it is also a very simple thing to do. Do you know that the process of choosing the default keyboard on android is the same regardless of the keyboard app you are trying to use?

So how do I set my default keyboard on Android using SwiftKey keyboard?

  • Click here to download and install your desired keyboard
  • Navigate to the settings, under personal menu, go to Language and Input
  • Choose the current keyboard which is located under keyboard and input method
  • Click on choose keyboards
  • Select the SwiftKey keyboard that you want to set as default keyboard
  • Go through the prompt displayed and select OK to continue the activation
  • Navigate back to the main language and input interface
  • Tap current keyboard like you did before and choose SwiftKey keyboard
  • Your selection would then be saved automatically
To know if the default keyboard has been activated, try typing a quick message to send to a friend.

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