How To Verify A Nigerian Bank Account Before Transferring Money

Android App That Verifies Any Nigerian Bank Account Detail to Avoid Scamming and Wrong Fund Transfers

Have you ever wondered what it feels like transferring money into a wrong bank account? The creation of this app is a very good initiative considering that many people make mistake while sending their account number to another person to send money to them. I have already rated this app five star because of how useful it has been to be since I discovered it.

Before you send money to a bank account, use this app to verify if the person is the right one or not before transferring you hard earned cash. Getting such wrong deposits reversed or refunded can be a very difficult thing to do in this economy. You can't afford to make such mistake, trust me.

Advantages of this Nigerian Bank Account Verifier App

Do you know why you should download this bank detail verifier mobile application?
  • It prevent you from getting scammed
  • It shields you from identity theft
  • You don't need to go to the bank to verify account info from the customer care people
  • You don't have to send money to a wrong Nigerian bank account

Everyone need to understand that this is the simplest bank account verification method available for now and so you should also get download and install the app on your smartphone and tablet.
  • Click here to download the app from Google PlayStore
  • Start the app and choose you bank name
  • Type in the 10 digits that represents your Nigeria bank account number
  • Click on VERIFY to get details of the owner of the account number

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