MTN Mobile Electricity: Solar Energy Solution From MTN


A lot of Nigerians do not know that an alternative energy service has been created in the country courtesy of MTN Nigeria. In towns and cities where people need to fast for days before they can get adequate power supply from PHCN, I think they should consider this solar power option.

MTN Mobile Electricity is a low cost solar power option that can light up your electric bulb, charge your laptop, mobile and handheld devices, power your fan, radio and other low to medium power consuming electronic devices 247.

Contents of MTN Mobile Electricity Kit

==> A Mobile phone charger
==> 6 12V DC sockets
==> One USB adaptor
==> 300Wh Indoor unit
==> Large 80W solar panel
==> 2 LED room lights

You can recharge your MTN Mobile Electricity Kit using this guide:

Duration      Price Per Day    Total Price

3 days        N133             N400
7 days        N121             N850
30 days       N110             N3,300

The device is linked to your MTN SIM card so that you can carry out the subscription flawlessly using your airtime from anywhere in the country.

MTN Mobile Electricity Kit is a very cheap and trusted alternative that gives your power supply to supplement whatever your generator is able to deliver and allowing it to rest too. To get this package, all you need do is visit the nearest MTN retail store close to you for more inquiries.

This device is compatible with 12V rated appliances and devices only.

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