Smile Vs Spectranet Vs Swift Vs Ntel Data Price and Internet Speed

Comparing Smile Versus Spectranet or Ntel Internet Data Price, Connection and Download Speed, Coverage and Stability

Which Is The best Mifi Network To Use? Which one is the most reliable? Which one is more affordable or expensive? Many people especially Nigerians want to know which mifi modem works better: smile or spectranet?

I will be sharing some insights in terms of the price of their internet data plans as well as internet speed, stability and coverage. I'm not going to be comparing MTN, Glo, Airtel or Etisalat with any of these 4G LTE services because they are clearly not on the same frequency.

Now many of you are yet to test the high speed LTE internet data that Spectranet offer and even most of you that reside in the cities where Spectranet services are currently available, some of you still rely on the 2G/3G data services that MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat offer you.

If you are yet to experience the high speed LTE internet data services that Spectranet and others offer and you are in a city where their services are available but you prefer to stick to the frustrating speed of 2G/3G networks, your loyalty is unshakable oo.

With a good stable LTE internet data package, you can stream most 720p and sometimes 1080p videos without buffering.

If you are particular on fast speed internet not minding the more expensive data plans ranging from 5GB, 10GB to 100Gb, please go for Smile network. Spectranet offer moderate 4G internet connection at pocket friendly rates. Some differences are based on your location.

I have both smile and swift mifi. From my personal experience, these are the major advantages and disadvantages:

Smile internet speed is faster that swift, the smifi (Smile 4G Modems) battery last longer and their is the option of 12 years validity which starts from data plans with 10GB data volume above. Smile service is more expensive though for heavy users and downloaders like me but I still respect their pay as you go package. Modem comes with a 5Gb bonus data.

Swift is not as fast as smile, their coverage does not cover some outskirts of Lagos you lose network once you get to some outskirt of Lagos. Fortunately, Swift data plans are less expensive than smile It has amazing plans far cheaper than swift

Ntel high speed LTE services came with a bang but it is disappointing to note that despite their promises of providing affordable data plans, their services has not been extended to other major cities in Nigeria.

It is your location that determines which one is better. If you live in a city where spectranet coverage is better, you will be tempted to think spectranet is the best and if Swift is better in your location, you will be biased towards it.

Do you need a reliable and cost effective ISP to power your internet cafe business? I have tried to compare Smile with spectranet and other 4G internet solutions in Nigeria. Do you live in Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt or Enugu? Between Spectranet LTE data, Smile internet and the rest, where are you based and which one are you using at the moment?

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