Google or Salesforce May End Up Buying Twitter Soon

Twitter Reportedly Considering Sale to Google or Salesforce

Do you know that Twitter stocks jumped up by over twenty percent increase due to circulating reports that the company is about to be sold to other giant internet corporations. Reports from CNBC has it that interested negotiators such as Verizon, Salesforce and Google are much particular in the data trends generated by active Twitter users.

This year has been a rocky one for Twitter as a business considering the thirty percent drop in the price of its stocks. Potential advertisers now prefer Facebook for advertising and some users find it hard to understand the workings of Twitter. According to professionals, this has resulted in low user base growth and poor monetization over the past few years.

Many financial analyst believe that it will be more beneficial for Twitter as a business if Salesforce end up buying it. It is also important to note that both Google and Salesforce have been silent about this new development. However, Vala Afshar who is the Chief digital promoter made his opinion know on Twitter recently.

Twitter has been in fierce competition with fast rising social networking sites since Jack Dorsey took up the position of CEO  two years ago. The introduction of social videos on Twitter which was initiated from deals like the National Football League games has brought slight improvement to the static growth state experienced by the company.

Debates from the general elections are proposed to be streamed live on Twitter even as speculations increase that the purchase deal would be finalize before the end of this year.

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