How iPhone 7 Owners Drilled Holes into Their Phones To Create Audio Jack

Desperate iPhone 7 Owners Drill Holes on Their Devices to Create 3.5mm Jack

I was surfing online recently when I came across the extent to which an authority brand can mislead people. Do you believe that several iPhone 7 device owners drilled holes into their cellphones when they mistake a prank for a Do-It-Yourself guide to create the absent 3.5mm audio jack.

Many mobile phone users have been reluctant about buying the newly introduced iPhone 7 because of the removal of the traditional headphone jack which was replaced with wireless air pods. Millions of iPhone customers do not believe in the company's dream that the future of sound is wireless. There has been so much buzz over this issue because while some are in support of the Apple's stand, many others are totally against it.

A video detailing how to get the non-existent audio jack (3.5mm) was posted on Youtube by TechRax. In the video, the instructed drilled through a clamped down iPhone 7 device with a 3.5mm drill and was tagged, 'This video tutorial for iPhone users who do not want to spend money on wireless air pods or go through the stress of using adapters anytime the need to listen to music'

Because TechRax has a reputation of posting helpful tech tips and tutorials, it is quite unfortunate that many people have actually drilled through their iPhone 7 in reality, damaging their device in the process.

Do you know that this youtube video has gotten almost 10 million views already? I feel sad for many out there who may still end up trying this dangerous tutorial.

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