What Are Your Experiences so Far Using WhatsApp Video Calling?

What Do You Think of WhatsApp Video Calling Features?

Many mobile users gradually lost interest in the use of Duo after the video calling feature appeared on their Whatsapp messenger. The only issue is that if you check critically, you will discover that only a small fraction of people on your whatsapp contact list actually have downloaded the whatsapp version with video calling enabled. The bulk of whatsapp users turn out to be normal whatsapp users.

The truth is when it comes to clarity of calls, Whatsapp video calling feature is not perfect yet. But if your internet connection is fast and stable, you should enjoy some good quality calls. Using 4G LTE network here on my device, I discovered that i could see my call receiver clearly, both video and audio qualities were top notch. However, upon switching to 3G, I discovered that my video calls took forever to connect.

On a side note, I tried calling people whose whatsapp did not support video calling and was immediately notified that I can't place a call. The message displayed was that the user I was trying to call is using a phone that does not support video calling.

Let see how things go, hopefully normal whatsapp users should be able to enjoy video call feature through Google Play Store. Whatsapp admins are still testing this great video calling feature so try to send a feedback anytime you use the service.

If you ask me, I don't know what you are still using Google Duo for on your android phone. What has been your experience so far using Whatsapp video calling on your phone? Share.

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