Will There Ever Be Airtel 4G LTE Network in Nigeria?

AIRTEL 4G NIGERIA: When will Airtel Nigeria Launch their own 4G LTE Service?

This is something giving me serious concern considering the trend at which new 4G networks continue to enter the Nigerian internet market. Many mobile users are now looking forward to buying 4G LTE smartphones in order to enjoy the amazing browsing and downloading speed that 4G networks offer.

In a few years time, 3G networks will become history just as nobody listens to music with a cassette walkman anymore.

Some weeks ago, Glo, MTN and  Etisalat have already rolled out their 4G networks. The truth is we should not deceive ourselves. Almost all the cities in Nigeria do not have enough coverage yet and even though the ISPs claim their 4G internet speed is like thunder, browsing with such network can be very annoying if you are connecting from a poor coverage zone.

Etisalat 4G LTE service for instance is yet to cover more than 70 percent of Lagos, so what are we saying. Well, I just hope these network companies up their game and increase their coverage in covered and uncovered zones in the country.

The last time I was in a Glo mobile shop, I was shocked to see the babe attending to me surfing away on MTN 4G LTE. Wow, so when it comes to speed, everybody know their levels. I love 4G LTE because of the amazing internet speeds that it offers and so Airtel should speed up whatever plan they have in the pipeline.

The case of Airtel is like an abandoned baby, crying on a cold lonely planet. It appears the network is neglected and may not be able to cope with the pressure from their subscribers who may feel cheated out of experiencing the speed of 4G LTE networks in Nigeria.

Can we say Airtel Nigeria is still interested in launching their own 4G LTE service in the country at all? Even if it is a yes, I don't see it coming out anytime. Hey, for those using Airtel weekend plans, I just discovered I can roll over unused data, have you?

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