Netflix Nigeria: How To Register and Watch Movies on Netflix

How To Sign Up on Netflix in Nigeria: Website, Contact, Registration, Payment Method and Data Plan

Netflix is a paid streaming service on the internet. It is one of the most popular streaming services available. The Netflix permits streaming of movies and TV shows on the mobile device, television or computer system. It is easy to get a Netflix account and registration takes only few minutes.

With the Netflix service, one can watch any movie or program with the streaming service available on the internet.

Netflix is now available in Africa and it has been the subject of discuss among different people. Even with this, some people still do not know how to sign up for it.

Discussed below is the guide on how to sign up for the Netflix;

How to Sign Up for Netflix

1. Go to Apple or Google Play-Store and download the Netflix app. You can visit the Netflix website to sign up for the service. Then click on "Start Your Free Month".

2. Select a plan. Then enter your payment details.

There are three different Netflix plans, each with its own unique feature, even though there are features that pervade all three of them.

Netflix has different plans and each plan has peculiar features. Although, there are general features common to the three plans.

The features below are common to the three Netflix plans;

a. Unlimited access to TV programs and movies.
b. The first month is free and you can cancel the subscription anytime.
c. Streaming can be done from phone, tablet or laptop.

The unique features of the three Netflix Plans are discussed below;

1. The Basic Plan:

a. Only one device can be streamed at a time.
b. HD or Ultra HD can not be streamed.
c. Cost is $7.99 per month

2. The Standard Plan:  

a.You can stream HD videos.
b.Streaming can be done on only two devices at a time.
c. Cost is $9.99 per month.

3. The Premium Plan:

a.You have access to stream HD and Ultra HD videos.
b. Streaming can be done on four devices at a time.
c. Cost is $11.99 per month.

The one month free membership offer starts when you click on the 'Start Membership' icon. The membership can be canceled anytime within the first month and it will not attract any charge. Netflix will send an email reminder 3 days before the expiration of your free trial period.

Get registered on Netflix today and stay updated on movies and TV shows anywhere you go.

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