NTEL 4G LTE Data Plans, Coverage, Devices - What Happened?

NTEL NIGERIA 4G LTE NETWORK: Unlimited 4G Internet For Nigerians

The moment new broke out about Ntel 4G LTE network in Nigeria, a lot of Nigerians rushed to carry out ntel reserve number for their SIM which is a unique 0804 number. This followed what the company promised that ntel coverage would soon be strong in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt as they continue to add more cities to the list and roll out more ntel data plans.

Unfortunately, Ntel did not live up to expectation. Why? Ntel has completely abandoned other cities yearning for their 4G service. I do not want to believe the market is too competitive or that the company does not have what it takes to roll out its services in other cities across the country.

Sometime in June this year, we were updated via ntel nigeria website by a representative from their Abuja office that more infrastructure for transmission are still being installed in several locations, up to 200 in Portharcourt and Abuja and double of that number in Lagos.

We were also told that one a cities comes under coverage, a list of locations to purchase Ntel sims would be made available to the public. November is gradually winding up and we have not heard anything tangible.

Ntel is currently working with some cellphone manufacturing companies to roll out affordable 4G phones that can operate on their 4G LTE band considering that most 4G phones in the market are quite pricey.

At the moment you can only use your Ntel sim in Abuja and Lagos. Maybe Ntel has decided to give up on other cities and states in the country.

I hope Ntel coverage in and outside Lagos improves and the prices of their mifi, router and other 4G devices become cheaper for the common man. Do you Ntel Nigeria apn and the LTE band?

Well, for my Naija people who have started looking for ntel 4g cheat and free browsing techniques (fbt), please chill o, allow this company stabilize before you bombard their server, lol.

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