What Happened to Google Glass? How Long Should We Wait?

Google Glass Price and Release Date - What is the Update? 

What happened to google glass? After google glass release date, Microsoft showcased their HoloLens technology including its gaming applications some weeks back. The exhibition was rad.

The advancement in technology is really shaping the world. This virtually augmented google glass eyewear race - HoloLens, Oculus Rift and Google Glass will definitely bring the future to our doorstep in no time.

The Google Glass Project

Recently, it appears Google has soft - pedalled on the Google Glass technology. What is the update on this technology after releasing the google glass video? Why has Google remained silent about it? When do we expect this piece of tech to be fully available for use?

How does google glass work?

Google got the attention of everyone right from the period the announcement was made. The Google Glass technology uses goggles that enables one to video capture any item sighted. This is done with the use of a voice command.

Other google glass features that could be done with this technology is that, one could have music sheets pinned to the glass corner while a guitar is being practised. Also, one could overlay a map ahead while walking. One would be made a modern day T100 technology without a metal skeleton with the Google glass tech.

The exhibition for this technology was big and it caught the attention of everyone. An entire episode in the Simpsons was even dedicated to this technology. The latest Google Glass 2 will definitely change everything about technological advancement.

Despite the media fare that welcomed this tech, Google declined on selling the new Google Glass smartphones to the public and returned it to the laboratory. This act by Google did not proof the intended efficacy of the technology to the populace who waited anxiously to get it. It appeared like Google gave up on the tech, thus it was withdrawn from the market.

Although, Google made a lot of bad decisions in regards to the product launching and marketing. The $1,500 google glass price point for the tech is one of such poor decisions. Presently, it appears Google has more plans to upgrade the capacity and technologies of the Glass before tampering with the price of google glass. There are many stores to buy google glass online.

The Glass was tested by beta users also known as "Glass Explorers" for one year before Google recalled it to the lab. An announcement was made by Google that the Glass tech team would be leaving the Google X laboratory to their own department.

This action marked the beginning of the silence on the Google Glass tech. Nothing has been heard from this team ever since the movement occurred.

This silence is enough to make one lose interest on the well publicized google glass technology.

Actually, the fact that the Google Glass team is getting their own department could mean work is still going on with the technology. The knowledge of other VR technologies might give the team more ideas to include in the Glass.

A fact has emerged that Tony Fadell has been invited to be a part of the team that would work on the Glass project. He is one of the capones that worked on the first generations of iPods.

The question now is, Can we keep hopes alive for those who want to get Google Glass?

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