How To Access Youtube Desktop View On Mobile Phone - Opera Mini, iPhone and iPad

How To Access Youtube Desktop View On Mobile Phone - Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Opera Mini

Accessing the Desktop Version of YouTube on Android
Do you want to know how to switch from mobile view to YouTube full version (desktop view) on your Android phone. Don't worry as I will soon reveal how to easily switch from mobile to desktop version of Android Youtube on your device.

URL to Show Full Version of Youtube on Blackberry, Android, iOS Phone, iPad, iPhone and Tablet - Switch

Click on the youtube video you are prepared to see, tap the options icon. When it expands, choose 'Desktop version' by tapping on it.
This is the simplest way to use the desktop version of YouTube on Android!

How To Force Desktop Version of YouTube in Safari for iPhone & iPad:

Do you have Safari app downloaded on your iPhone, what you need do is to visit the link to the full site stated below as it will take you to the desktop version of Youtube.

For this to work, you need to have installed and enabled javascript on your browser. Navigate to these options: Settings -- Safari --- Advanced ---- Javascript ---- On

youtube desktop version url:

For those using iOS 9 and below, here is how to get youtube desktop version link on your Apple device. Start the Safari browser on your iPhone, type in '' into the address bar and click on Go.

You will be presented with the mobile site but to get desktop youtube on iphone here is what to do. Tap the Menu option and then scroll down until you get to the bottom of the page. For desktop youtube on ipad and iPhone, just click on Desktop and that youtube full site login you have always wanted will go live!

To get youtube desktop version iOS 9 & Later, these are the steps to take. Type in into Safari browser and then click on the web address to highlight and prompt the bookmark options to be displayed.

When you swipe downwards, you will see an option tagged, 'Request Desktop Site'. Click on this option and that is all! Using youtube pc view on mobile doesn't have to get you sweating.

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