How To Upgrade DSTV Subscription

How To Upgrade Your DSTV Subscription

After a few years of watching DSTV, a couple of days ago it just occurred to me that I needed to upgrade my DSTV from Family to the Classic bouquet. What did I do? I just used my Diamond Bank mobile app to make the payment for the new subscription while waiting for the upgraded DSTV channels to be activated.

Do you know all through the day, i was waiting and the activation was not successful.

After the lengthy wait, I decided to talk to the customer care of DSTV as I was running out of patience. And guess what? They expected that I should have called before my upgrade can be successful.

According to the customer care people, an upgrade is not an automatic thing. If you are trying to downgrade too, you still need to call them.

So folks, it is important that you call the customer care anytime you want to upgrade or downgrade your current plan even after making payment for DSTV subscription in Nigeria. This is the only way DSTV can activate your upgrade from their end.

To upgrade to a new DSTV bouquet while still having an existing subscription, you need pay in full for the new DSTV plan that you are planning to move to. What DSTV will end up doing is to suspend the old subscription and activate the new plan.

Your newly activated DSTV package will now expire after 30 days.

Whether you want to do a DSTV upgrade from compact to premium or to another package, If you ask me, I will tell you that allowing your current subscription to expire before subscribing to a new DSTV bouquet is the best option.

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