Download Flash Share ( Xender ) – Send Apps and Files From Android To Android

Download Flash Share and Xender – Transfer Apps and Files From Android To Android

Do you want to know how to download flash share? For some time now, I have just been coming across flash share on my Infinix phone but honestly I have not done anything with it. I planned that some day, I will find time to experiment with this file transfer app to find out its essence and value.

One of my friends with a Tecno phone came around yesterday and I got hooked with a particular app on his phone. He told me he could transfer it to me via flash share and believe me, he did. The application also worked normally without any glitch.

What impressed me about was the file transfer speed. The speed at which flash share sent the file was amazing. An application that is over 60MB was transferred and received in a few seconds. Fro the flash share app, I was also able to install the application straight. Flash share is really a flash when it comes to sending and receiving apps from one android device to another android device.

Do you know that not every android device, whether cellphone or tablet comes with this app by default? I have often come across this app on Tecno and today while searching for Flash Share on my Samsung Galaxy S6, I discovered that the app was not available. Even if you can't get flash share through google play store, please don't be discouraged. The best thing to do is to search and download flash share online.

Are you ready to download flash share for android and transfer easily?

Download Flash Share : Send Files and Apps From Android To Android with Speed

I won't want to bore you with too much words. I have created an account on Sharemobile and upload the app there, the direct link to download flash share has been added below this post.

Without wasting much of your time, I have already uploaded the file on sharemobile and will be giving you the direct link here on this blog. You can download the app Here.

So What File Types Can I Transfer With Flash Share?

Using flash share, you can send any file or app irrespective of its size, videos  (3gp, mp4, mvm, avi, flv, etc), music mp3, pictures (png, jpeg etc) and ringtones on some phones.

Download Xender App From Google Play Store

You can download another powerful app if you don't have a phone that comes with flash share or you just flashed your phone. There are two options available. It's either you download the original flash share app apk ot download Xender app for android from Google play

This app works the same way Flash share works and is the equivalent for flash share app on Tecno android phones. Xender is very effective in sharing apps and you can transfer files to other devices in a seconds without bluetooth or data.

If you find it difficult downloading from Google play store, you can download and install the app apk to your phone. This apk files can also be installed on Blackberry 10 devices such as BB Q10, Z3, Z10 and Z30. You must have upgraded to Blackberry OS.10.2.1 though.

Download Flash Share App Apk
Download Xender App Apk
Download Xender App Apk from Google play

If every android user can download and install flashshare and xender apps on their devices, we will dump bluetooth and the rest and start enjoying flashing speed transfer option through flash share.

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