How to Make Strong Unhackable Passwords

Easy Ways to Create An Unhackable Password That You Will Not Forget

Are you tired of your password getting hacked all the time? Have you changed your password so many times but it still gets hacked? Do you know how to test password strength and create a strong password you’ll remember?

You don’t have to worry any longer as I have found a lasting solution to this problem. I once was a victim not until I discover a lasting solution to it, and now, I am still waiting for that computer genius to come hack my password.


I know that so many people find it difficult to choose hard password and prefer to use a password they can easily remember. Yes, I know. Some even go as far as using their birthday or full-name as their password and that is why it is easy for hackers to hack their password.

Another mistake that is also common is using the same password for all of your online account. This is very bad because immediately any hacker discovers your password, they start trying it out on your other account and start stealing from you.

Not to worry, here are 6 possible tips to creating strong unhackable password for your devices and accounts.

  1. The Longer, the Stronger

If you are conversant with Password Strength Checker, you should know that the longer your password, the more green lights the Password Strength Checker will display. Almost all sites will require that your password be between 8 to 12 to make it difficult to be hack.

One tip in creating strong unhackable password is to make the password length a minimum of 8 characters that should be include both upper case and special characters. You can use 24 characters as long as you can remember it.

Never use full words (sentence) for your password as it can be predictable. Stay away from using a complete meaningful sentence like ‘iamagoodboyandfromamerica’. It is long but not advisable. You can only use that if you can mix it up with upper case letter and numbers or special characters.

  1. Implement Substitute Cipher

This is another way to create unhackable password. You can replace ‘a’ with @ and replace ‘S’ with $. This way it will be impossible for any gifted hacker to hack your password.

I remember trying to login into my brother’s email because I knew he was using his name as his password. I tried multiple times but to no avail. The day he happened to send me to help him open it I discovered that he replaced ‘I’ with 1. And that was what made the difference.

Try not to overdo it though as it may be difficult to remember later. To make my password below 14 characters, I usually replace ‘o’ with 0 and replace ‘I’ with 1.

If you must guide your password from hackers, you must create a strong unhackable password that will give any hackers difficult time and eventually frustrate the hacker.

  1. Don’t Use Word from the Dictionary

One thing that people don’t know is that most hackers use password predictors to predict possible password if they eventually have a clue of your password. This is why it is advisable to ignore words from the dictionary no matter how hard it is to spell. The password predictor might be able to give them a clue and before you know it, your account is hacked.

Something you thought was once clever may give someone access to your information. This is especially true if the word you chose was somehow related to your business or personal lifestyle.

  1. Add a Strong Security Question

To make your password stronger, you can add support it with a strong security question to make it difficult for hackers. Just as you don’t want to pick easy password that anyone can get, this should also go for your security question.

You should not go for a question that anyone know the answer. Questions like, “who was your best teacher in high school? Or “what is your favorite colour?” should be avoided as your best friend might know the answer or you must have shared it with someone unknowingly.

Choose more obscure question or better still, answer an easy question with a wrong answer. Make sure you make this consistent if you choose to follow this route.

If you are asked question like, “What is your favorite color?” you can answer with your pet name or name of a book you love most.

  1. Reversing the Website Name

This is another trick in creating strong unhackable password. You can reverse the name of the website you are using as your password and adding some numbers with it. Once you include memorable numbers, it will be difficult for others to try it out if they know your style of creating password.

  1. Use a Password Manager

There are certainly some sites that won’t allow to use some of your favorite password that was accepted by other sites for security reasons.

I have come across many. At first, it was a challenge as I can’t remember some of my password if I want to log in from another source outside my laptop.

To solve the problem, I got myself a password manager. A password manager will help store your multiple password for you.

Using password manager apps like LastPass, 1Password and Norton Identity Safe are a good password manager for safe guarding your password.

Here you have it, tips for creating strong unhackable password. Hope you find this helpful!

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