How to Tell the Difference Between Infinix Zero and Injoo Is2


Two of the trending mobile phones of the moment are undisputedly the Infinix Zero and the Injoo iS2. These phones come with great deigns and almost similar features that most people are confused on which one of them to go for.

In our article, we will be discussing in-depth the major difference between Infinix Zero and Injoo iS2 and we believe this will be very vital in your choice of which one to go for.

Although some phone users will rather die for the Infinix Zero and never go near the Injoo iS2. But we will like to enlighten our readers on users’ preference. Just as one user might fall in love with the Infinix Zero, so can another user be more interested in getting the Injoo i2.


The major differences between these two phones are hereby highlighted below:

  1. It will interest you to know that the Infinix Zero comes with a 4.4.2 OS and this can be upgraded to any other latest OS version, even the ones that are yet to be released. But it is quite unfortunate that the Injoo iS2 only comes with the 4.4 OS and to make it more complicated, it is not upgradable to any other latest OS version.
  2. In terms of RAM, the Infinix Zero supersedes the Injoo iS2. The Infinix Zero runs on 2GB RAM, while the other runs on 1GB RAM. If you are more particular about the speed of your phone while being used, then you might want to go for the Infinix.
  3. In terms of SIM, the Infinix Zero is a dual SIM phone and can an H+ service on either of the SIM slot, but the Injoo iS2 only has a single SIM supported by a dual SIM function. This implies that a user can utilize the 3G service on either or both.
  4. When it comes to Gyroscope sensor, the Injoo iS2 does not offer any support unlike the Infinix Zero which does and this can be tested on the phone by blowing breeze into the phone and watch the installed tree responding to the movement sensed by the phone.
  5. Most people will choose their phones based on the protection it offers. While the Infinix Zero has a protective glass cover at the back and front, the Injoo iS2 only has a plastic cover protecting the back of the phone.
  6. Both phones are of the 5.0 touch screen capacity, but the Infinix Zero has a higher resolution with the 294 pixels per inch and 720 by 1280 pixels.
  7. When it comes to the equalizer, the Infinix Zero has four band equalizers and they all run on the most recent media extension. But the Injoo iS2 only comes with a single equalizer and it is quite unfortunate that it still runs with the same old MP3, WAV AAC, MP3 AMR and OGG.



  1. One of the reasons why most people make their phone choices is for the camera quality. If you are more concerned about the picture quality that your phone will take, then it is quite advisable to go for the Infinix Zero as this comes with a superb 13MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera. And you can enjoy this with a 4128 X 3096 Pixel, Geo tagging, HDR and also an auto focus with flash.

But for the Injoo iS2, you might not be able to enjoy so much photo quality on the phone as it only comes with just a 5MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera.

  1. When it comes to the battery quality, as expected, the Infinix Zero is of a higher quality. It comes with a 1920 mAh battery and also with an auto-saver support which will give you a long lasting battery life. But the Injoo iS2 only comes with a 1900 mAh battery with not extra ordinary support to give you a last longing battery usage.
  2. The Infinix Zero offers higher memory storage than the Injoo iS2. The Infinix can offer as much as 32GB ROM while the other offers just 16GB
  3. In term of weight, the Injoo iS2 weighs more than the Infinix Zero. The Injoo is about 123g while Infinix is about 116g. Though the difference is quite minimal.

We believe the information offered in this article has been able to answer your query on the difference between Infinix zero and Injoo is2. If you have additional question, you can tender that in the comment section and we will get back to you.

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