How to Download YouTube Video on Android, iPhone, Blackberry and PC Free


YouTube allows for the direct watching of videos on their website, but there are moments where you might want to save the video and watch later so you might need to download your favorite videos that you have seen on YouTube.

But the downside of it is that YouTube does not allow for direct downloading of videos of their website. But there is no need to worry as this article talks on how to download YouTube video on blackberry and android.

There are so many methods that you can use to download your favourite videos on YouTube. One of which is the direct downloading through some tweaking and another means is through a third party website, which allows for the posting of YouTube links on it platforms for a user to be able to download a video.


Instead of you copying the link of your video and posting on a third party website, you can just locate the URL of that video in the address bar and apply the SS trick.


Using the SS Trick to download a video is simply adding SS to the address of that particular video.

Let says for example the video you intend to download on YouTube carried this link  all you need to do is add SS to the link in this format and then load the link by pressing enter.

It will automatically link you to a new website managed by and then you can proceed to download your favourite video on that platform.

All you need to do is to click the download link and then choose from the different video format and quality you would love your video to be downloaded in. then wait for some few moments and you have your YouTube video downloaded on your Blackberry Device or Android.

Alternatively you can also download a YouTube video if it is embedded in a different website apart from YouTube. If for example you are browsing on a blog and you see a video you would love to download, all you need to do is add before the address of the webpage.

For instance if you are on and you see a YouTube video embedded on the page, all you need to do is just change the URL to

You will then be directed to another website operated by and there you will find the links to every video that is present on that page.


Another option that you can utilize to download YouTube video of Blackberry and Android devices is to use third-party websites that allow you to copy and paste the link to your video and then download.

So in this section we will be discussing the different websites that allow for that.


iTube Studio is a YouTube downloader for Blackberry devices and it allows to download your favourite videos and at the same time help you convert it into a format that will be easy to watch on your blackberry phone.

It also works for Android phones and has the capacity to convert videos into many formats that will suit your device.


One of the easiest ways through which you can download Youtube videos on blackberry is through the Yaaya website. The website allows you to download all videos available on YouTube. All you need to do is search for the particular video you want to download and it will be presented to you. You select the quality you want and go ahead to download.


Vuclip is another website that allows you to download as many videos as possible that you can find on YouTube. Just like Yaaya, all you need to do is visit the platform and make a search for that video you want to download.

You will be presented with a list of the available videos and beside the video titles, you will see the website where the video was uploaded. Since you need to download a YouTube video, you locate YouTube and click. Then you will be asked to either play the video of download. You select download and get your video.


Mobiola Studio is available as an App on the Blackberry App Store and it presents you with an easy opportunity to download a YouTube video without having to go through hassle of visiting a third-party website.

It also allows you to have your video in the different format that will favour your device. All you can as well drag the video from its original location and into the App, then a query will pop up asking you the format in which you want your video downloaded. You select the one that you desire and off you go.

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