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Facebook is among the most popular (if not the most popular) social media platform in today’s world where users could share pictures, moments and status with their friends. It is largely considered to have more than 1.86 billion users globally.

A lot of people have various reasons for making use of this social media platform. For most people, they want to connect with friends and have private conversations with their lovers. Others want to browse through a whole lot of exciting stuff, play Facebook games, promote their business, and all.

Today, lots of Facebook users are looking for more likes to their comments, page, profile, status, and picture updates. Most times, it is not their fault, neither their friends’; rather, it is as a result of the so much sharing of status, and pictures from so many friends, groups, and pages.

In this article, I would like to share with you several ways in which you can step up the number of likes to your Facebook page, profile and status updates.

Basically, I would like to tell you that there are two ways of getting likes on your Facebook page, profile and status. The two ways are:

  • Getting real likes, and
  • Getting fake likes.

Now, let us discuss how to get 1000 likes on a Facebook page free in one day.


There are a number of ways you can get real likes on your Facebook page, status, and profile:

Tag More Friends to Get more Likes
To tag simply means to include your Facebook friends in your status or picture update. When you tag your friends, it is not only your friends that will be able to see and like your profile, status, or picture update but also your friends’ friends. You can tag so many friends at a time, but the maximum number of friends you can tag at a time is 50.

First, for you to be able to perform this operation, you will have to set your audience status to “public”. If you have so many friends, say, 500 friends, you could get up to 200 likes or more.

Comment and Receive more Comments and Likes
This is another crucial way of getting real likes to your page, profile, status, and picture updates. Whenever you share a post or update your status or picture, it will usually show in other people’s Facebook home page in the same order as they have been posted. Hence, your updates may sometimes appear last.

Now, for you to be able to make your updates visible to your friends’ Facebook home page, you must comment on that status or picture update. An added benefit to this is that it will appear on the notification link.

Also, whenever you receive comments on your status or picture updates, do your best to reply as quickly as possible to boost your chances of getting more likes.

Create Interesting and Relevant Content
The content of your post and status updates are really the driving force behind a genuine huge number of Facebook likes. Just by posting relevant and informative content on your Facebook page, you will be sure of getting lots of likes on your status updates and all. The content of what you post should vary from GIFs to videos, infographics, etc. This will make sure that visitors keep coming to your Facebook page for more exciting content.


There are a number of ways one can get lots of fake likes on their Facebook page, profile, status and picture updates, although I would strongly advise against going down this path. Here they are below:

Using the Likes Exchange Websites to get More Likes
In this method, you will be required to like other peoples’ status and updates. You only get more likes on your profile and status updates by liking other people’s pages or status updates. To do this, you will require the help of a number of sites, but you must first turn on the “follow” option. Some of these sites include,

Utilizing Auto Liking Websites to Get Facebook likes
There are a number of websites that can guarantee you lots of free Facebook likes to your page, profile, and status updates just by a single click. However, one has to be very careful with these sites as they usually require a Facebook access known as a token. There is a chance that your Facebook account could be hacked just by allowing these websites access to such tokens.

There are usually no specific URLs for these websites since the URLs are always updated every single week. Also, for you to be able to enjoy this method, you must have to turn on the “follow” option.

Little is known about how these sites actually work, but the number of likes you will get on your Facebook page, profile, status or picture updates will entirely rely on how many online users are available at these sites at that particular moment.

You could get access to these websites by searching them out on Google.

Buying of Fake Facebook Likes
Of all the various methods of getting fake Facebook likes to your page, profile, status or picture updates, this particular method poses more risk. In this method, you will have to actually spend your money to buy Facebook likes. When you use this particular method, you are sure of getting loads of likes for your page, profile, and status.

It is very important that when going with this particular method, you should not try to frequently use it so as not to lose your account. Also, before using this method, make sure you do a thorough background check on the website you want to use.

Some of the websites include:,


This is a great tutorial for bloggers interested in getting over 1000 likes on their Facebook page. With this secret, you can easily make money from greater traffic when you increase your Facebook likes, status, photos, feeds or pictures. Many celebrities are currently making use of this Facebook like generating technique.

Before I continue,
==> It is important that you allow Followers/Subscriber feature for your Facebook profile. To enable this feature, visit the account settings page and mark the box ‘Allow Subscribers.’

==> Another important step is to make your Facebook profile post appear publicly. To make your updates visible to the world, go over to the “Privacy Settings” and change “Who can see my stuff” to “Everyone”

How To Get 1000+ New Facebook Likes/Followers

After these have been done, you need to acquire your Facebook Access Token which is a certificate uses to access your Facebook account. Visit this link and generate your access token which is an entire URL you can copy from the browser. Visit LIKELO and paste your access token into the required box and submit. Then go on to select the page, post or picture you want to get 1000+ more likes for. Follow the other instructions on the screen.

If you come across any challenges in getting more likes, AddMeFast, FancyLikes, Facebook AutoLiker, FB Page Liker and Official Liker are auto Facebook likes a site that you can also explore free.

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