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The HTC brand is a global and well known telecommunications equipment company with its global operational headquarters located in Taiwan.

Founded over two decades ago in 1997, the company is known for its innovative and reliable products which consist mainly of tablets and smart phones. With an employee-strength of over fourteen thousand worldwide, HTC has S3 Graphics and Saffron Digital as its subsidiaries.

HTC’s involvement in the mobile manufacturing industry has witnessed a transition from its manufacture of mobile devices using mainly Windows Mobile platforms to a the current Android Mobile platforms.

This company has witnessed several changes and adjustments in structure all geared towards repositioning it to compete favourably in the global smart phone manufacturing industry.

This article will focus on HTC’s customer services by providing its U.S contact addresses as well as its worldwide contract addresses to enable customers find ready help with issues regarding any of its products and services.

Find below the contact addresses of its U.S. and global customer care services.

HTC Head Office Contact Address

Contact details of the company’s global head office located in Taiwan are 23 Xinghua Rd. Taoyuan 330, Taiwan, R.O.C. Phone: +886-3-3753252. Fax: +886-3-3753251.

HTC U.S Contact Office

HTC America 13920 SE Eastgate Way, Suite 400 Bellevue, Washington 98005.Phone: 425-679-5318.

HTC Customer Service Contacts for North America and the UK

  • US: Call toll free; 866-449-8358
  • Canada: 866-449-8358
  • UK: +44-1279-206-906/+44-845-890-0079

HTC U.S Service/Repair

  • Verizon- 1-800-229-1235
  • T-Mobile- 1-888-356-2375
  • Non-Carrier Devices- 1-800-229-1235
  • AT&T- -1-888-354-2375
  • US Cellular-1-888-944-9400
  • Sprint-1-877-293-0807

HTC Global Contacts

Latin America

  • Venezuela-+58-212-3357610
  • Argentina-54-11-52543461
  • Colombia -57-1-524-0482
  • Brazil- 4003-0482
  • Argentina-54-11-52543461


  • Russia-8-800-200-4820
  • Ukraine-0800 504 4210
  • Portugal- +35-1-800-814693
  • Sweden- +46-85-055-6438
  • Turkey-081-128-800-12
  • Switzerland- +41-44-580-6245
  • Spain- + 34-914-146-588
  • Norway 800-11576
  • Austria – 43-192-873-67
  • Czech Republic-800700741
  • France- +33-170-759-171
  • Denmark-+45-701-423-60
  • Belgium-+23(0)2404-0616
  • Finland-800-114-214
  • Greece-+30-2111980955
  • Ireland- +353-16-968-474
  • Germany- +49-692-222-7334
  • Netherlands+31(0)20-715-7310
  • Lithuania- +880030766
  • Poland-+48-22486-3297

Africa/Middle East

  • Egypt-+20-238-272-820
  • South Africa-+0800-982773
  • Bahrain-8000-4059
  • UAE- 8000-200-0078
  • Saudi Arabia-800-820-0079
  • Kuwait-+20-238-272-843
  • Jordan-  (Country Code 3115) 18-800-001
  • Qatar- + 20-238-272-843I
  • Iran-887-090-90
  • Oman-800-753-00

Asia Pacific

  • Hong Kong-+852-3520-1234
  • Thailand- +66-264-03399
  • Taiwan-+886-2-8761-5959/0800-088-858
  • Singapore- +886-266-391-147
  • Australia- 1300-482-482
  • Vietnam-1900-555-567/+84-838-620720
  • Philippines- +63-272-833-88
  • India-1800-1033-566
  • China- 400-821-8998
  • Japan-0120-686-850
  • Indonesia-+62-21+5695-4393
  • New Zealand-+64-9-9250415
  • Malaysia-+60-355-698-878
  • Korea+82-1588-3220

These are HTC’s major global customer care service lines spread across all the continents and handling a variety of complaints as well as providing far reaching solutions regarding all of its services. Since the launch of HTC, the company has produced a lot of quality phones many of which have become quite popular. Some of these products include the HTC Desire Z, HTC Mozart, HTC 7 Pro, HTC 7 Trophy, HTC 7 Surround, HTC Sensation among many other of its products. Through these products, HTC succeeded in raising the bar in innovation.

The recognition of its quality products by users has led to an increased interest in the HTC brand, making the brand synonymous with excellence across the world. This has made it inevitable for the company to establish customer care centres in its biggest markets across the continents of the world to continue its tradition of excellence by offering users satisfactory after-sales services. Those with issues with their devices are guided on how to make common adjustments, while problems caused by hardware or software malfunction if any are covered under its warranty.

For difficult problems, the customer care makes the best recommendations which include a variety of solutions. To further expand its reach as well as its quality service offerings, HTC has been able to enter into fruitful partnerships with successful mobile brands across several continents to further expand its market share as well as bringing its quality services to a diverse market.

HTC Stores

In each of the above mentioned countries, HTC has its stores that display a variety of its products. These are the major markets where HTC smart phones and tablets are in demand.

For countries where there are no customer support lines, the company uses its hubs in the region or continent to penetrate these areas with its products. On its websites, there are provisions for an online form where the customer can fill any complaint or inquiry he/she has. A customer care representative contacts the customer shortly. On the website are provisions for locations.

The client is able to obtain locations as well as major stores he/she can purchase these devices/gadgets.

HTC’s Recent Products

Having produced a variety of communication gadgets since its inception, HTC has continued to innovate newer and better products. Its most recent products are its U Series line of Smart Phones which includes products as the U Ultra as well as the U Play which are flagship products of the U series.

There is however a desire by the company to venture into Virtual Reality as well as on Internet of Things (IoT) which would see a gradual shift from mainly manufacturing mobile devices to an increasing commitment to emerging technologies. How successful and innovative this line of business will be remains to be seen.

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