USB Hub Buying Guide for 2019

BUYING A USB HUB – CHOOSE THE BEST HUB THAT IS AFFORDABLE + SPECIFICATIONS Which USB Hub is best to buy? For the computer geek who carries out a lot of file/data transfers/exchange to and from his/her computer, the available USB ports on the computer can be very inadequate based on the need of the […]

How to Make Strong Unhackable Passwords

Easy Ways to Create An Unhackable Password That You Will Not Forget Are you tired of your password getting hacked all the time? Have you changed your password so many times but it still gets hacked? Do you know how to test password strength and create a strong password you’ll remember? You don’t have to […]

How To Get 1000+ Facebook Likes Free

Get Genuine Free 1000 Auto Facebook Likes On Your New Fan Pages For 0$ Facebook is among the most popular (if not the most popular) social media platform in today’s world where users could share pictures, moments and status with their friends. It is largely considered to have more than 1.86 billion users globally. A […]

Data Reselling Business – MTN, GLO And 9Mobile Data Share Plan Codes

DATA RESELLING BUSINESS – CODES TO SHARE INTERNET DATA PLANS ON MTN, GLO AND 9MOBILE GSM NETWORKS Do you know how to start data resale business? Are you looking for where to buy data in bulk for resale? I’m very certain you must have come across posts on blogs and online forums advertising affordable data […]

Top 10 Cheapest Android Phones in Nigeria for 2018

BEST CHEAP ANDROID PHONES IN NIGERIA Are you looking for the best android phone under 20000 with 2gb ram? Android phones are the most common phone OS used by many Nigerians and it comes in different varieties and brands with different specifications. Some of these phones don’t come cheap and some are quite affordable. In […]

Airtel Blackberry Data Plan – Subscription and Activation Code

AIRTEL BLACKBERRY SUBSCRIPTION DATA PLAN & ACTIVATION CODES What are the codes for Airtel BB subscription on android? The Airtel Blackberry Subscription data plans vary. It all depends on your budget and your need for data. You could either decide to subscribe for the daily, weekly or monthly data plan. You can also decide to […]

How to Tell the Difference Between Infinix Zero and Injoo Is2

 INFINIX ZERO AND INJOO IS2 COMPARISON – SPECS Two of the trending mobile phones of the moment are undisputedly the Infinix Zero and the Injoo iS2. These phones come with great deigns and almost similar features that most people are confused on which one of them to go for. In our article, we will be […]

How to Tell the Difference Between iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

IPHONE 6 AND 6 PLUS COMPARISONS – SPECS When you observe the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus physically, you might be able to tell the difference between iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Glaringly the iPhone 6 Plus has a wider screen than the iPhone 6. Apart from this major difference, other differences on the […]

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