What Does Hashtag Mean? Define Hashtag Meaning, Definition and Search

Meaning and Definition of HashTag: What is a Hashtag? Relevance To Marketing

What does a hashtag mean? In the year 2013, Hashtag was the word of the year, and was said to be first used by a man called Chris Messina in year 2007. Hashtag is so useful to internet marketers and businesses. They help boost one’s reach on social media, and also help one to monitor what one’s target audience is talking about.

In fact a blogger said he also create hashtags signs and symbols when he is brainstorming new blog ideas and is optimizing content for the right marketing channels.

Popular Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Hashtag Popularity Research Finder, Look up, Ranking and Checker Tools

On a social media like Instagram, local hashtags are very powerful (which of course made them more popular on twitter and Facebook took). And what about event hashtags? It is known that almost every industry has big yearly events.

Then, making hashtags are the best way to build relationships with event and guests (who could actually be turned by you into customers).

But in all, hashtags, when utilized appropriately in social media, continue having big benefits (especially now that their use has expanded beyond twitter and into Facebook). And as keywords are essential for finding information online, hashtags are also important.

Businesses and individuals now utilize hashtags to get found; and they also use hashtags to find others utilizing social search technologies. A popular example is the market and cancer health research hashtag in the UK.

9 Powerful Hashtag Research Management Tools For Social Marketing

  • Hashtagify.me

Hashtagify.me is just a free tool that helps to explore twitter hashtags and also their relationships. For real, the analysis is based on 1% sampling of all tweets (which happens to be the maximum that Twitter gives for free).

  • Keyhole

Keyhole is another popular hashtag tool. It helps to do such vital things as tracking hashtags, keywords and urls in real-time. And keyhole’s hashtag analytic dashboard, as it is known, is beautiful, comprehensive, and also shareable.

  • Hastags.org

Hashtags.org is not new in the game. They simply provide essential information, essential research, and also essential how-to knowledge. This will definitely help businesses and organizations and individuals worldwide in terms of improving their social media branding and intelligence.

  • HashAtit.com

This is a superb search engine that searches HASHTAGS (#) on our favorite social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • RiteTag

RiteTag is also a superb one- and you will soon know why. It is actually known for streamlining the process of finding the best tags to go with content to be shared. Also, embracing the unique tagging constraints of numerous important content-sharing networks as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

  • Social Mention

The Social Mention Tool is a known social media search and analysis platform which aggregates user generated content from across the universe into just a single stream of information. This tool got superb functions and features. Social Mentions allows us to easily track and measure what people are saying about us; what they are saying about our company; what they are saying about a new product; and what they are saying about just any topic across the web’s social media landscape.

Social Mention is a platform that monitors 100+ social media properties directly. And sure, this includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, etc.

  • TweetReach

Here is another one. The tool called TweetReach makes it easy for us to measure our twitter campaigns so we can really demonstrate real results. TweetReach can be used to analyze tweets about your hashtag, brand name (or even your URL). But, you surely get in-depth social analytics on reach, exposure, tweets and contributors.

Now, if you or someone you know, monitor a brand, run marketing campaigns, track media events, or even hold contests and games on Twitter for your company or clients, TweetReach is definitely a simple way to measure the impact of your efforts.

  • Twitter Search

Yes, the popular Twitter Search. Still on Twitter, many people do look to Twitter search to simply find the latest tweets on a topic. Nevertheless, we can also utilize it to find Twitter accounts to follow.

If you are really familiar with Twitter (as you should be), you see that on the top left of Twitter, you can simply click People and identify the top accounts for the hashtag you are utilizing. Also, this can provide a target to work on if your competitors are identified for a hashtag but you are not.

  • Twubs

Twubs is just a site that allows us to search, register, and also brand a specific hashtag. This site has tools like moderated tweet walls which we can utilize for our next event or conference.

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